Aakash Odedra on BBC Radio Leicester discussing the launch of the new Community Arts Network

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Aakash Odedra and Aakash Odedra Company have joined a new network of artists, organisations and professionals that aim to make a social impact through the arts. The Community Arts Network launched on 27 April and Aakash appeared on BBC Leicester to discuss the launch and what this new network offers.

The Community Arts Network exists to give a name to the challenges ahead; to use art as a force for change; and to inspire and connect through the unexpected. It was initiated following research conducted in 2015 by FASresearch on how to increase social impact through the arts. The research engaged 2075 organisations across 92 countries and established that at that time “Community Arts is a global community of ideas but not yet a global community network”. This conclusion led to the creation and now launch of the Community Arts Network, a global community of artists sharing ideas, resources and inspiration to further the impact arts has on society.

"The key thing we realised that was missing was this sense of cross pollination, being able to pollinate between different organisations to create a healthy hybrid that reflects the ever changing environment that we're in at the moment"

This cross-pollination is facilitated by the Community Arts Network as they engage, enable and empower artists, institutions and communities. The platform offers cross-collaboration and discovery, sharing of resources, go-to toolkits and guides, and the generation of unlikely alliances to bring about meaningful change. This network champions arts for social impact, and believes that art can inspire change.

"If for a second I'm able to transport you to a place or a time where it makes you see life from another perspective... then I feel like I've done something"

Community Arts Network unites groups and individuals in shaping a more humane future together – powered by people who believe the transformative qualities of the arts can and should be used for social impact. We are very pleased and proud to be part of this global network, working to inspire change through the arts.

If you are an individual or organisation that believes in arts for social change, you are invited to become a member and join this global community too. Visit the website to learn more or join the network.

Listen to the full interview on BBC Radio Leicester between Aakash and Ady Dayman below.