We deliver exceptional creative experiences for audiences and participants and to help create a society that is happier and healthier through dance and the arts. Central to this is our belief that art’s potential transformational powers for both individuals and communities should mean that access to the arts and in particular dance, is a fundamental right of everyone. We take positive steps to ensure that our dance work reflects excellence, removing barriers to access excellent dance and art and ensuring art and dance education opportunities are available more widely.

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Our work can be split into three areas:


We push the boundaries of dance, challenging preconceptions and making productions which move and inspire audiences around the world. We are developing our touring circuit in England and internationally, engaging larger and more diverse audiences. We are recognised at home and worldwide for creating works expressed though kathak, bharatanatyam and contemporary dance, responding to and drawing inspiration from contemporary issues. We use our voice to translate ancient and contemporary movement languages to tell new stories.

Current & future artists

We invest in talent, providing a facility where dance can thrive in Leicester and where dance artists, participants of all ages and students can excel in dance and be healthier and happier. We continue to help develop the next generation of dance artists through our Artist Friends scheme and our Shiamak Special Potential (gifted and talented) programme for children and young people. The Artist Friends scheme started in 2018/19, whereby dance artists at various stages of their careers are supported through artistic and business advice and free use of our studios.


We demonstrate world-class art can be made and experienced in Leicester. By engaging with local communities and nationally through our participation and performance opportunities we increase the number of people whose lives are touched by dance and art. We understand the changing demography of our home city and listen to and respond to the needs of the local community by devising programmes of dance, art and cultural activities which benefit the well-being of the people of Leicester.

Our partnership with education producers Moving Together bolsters the range of education work, our reach and the public impact we can achieve. We offer the highest quality dance participation opportunities to people in Leicester, across the Midlands and London. Wherever we tour we work with a range of dance styles to ensure our work is relevant to people of different ages and familiarity with dance.

We listen to and observe the needs of our local communities and devise programmes of dance, art and cultural activities to benefit their well-being and ambitions.

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