Eastern Eye: Aakash Odedra talks

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Aakash has opened up about his experience during lockdown and the creation of his new work, Samsara in the Easter Eye.

The time has come for me to invent new rules and new pathways, not to retread old roads.

Asjad Nazir describes Aakash’s current status:
“The fabulously fleet-footed talent has gone from superb shows like his full-length solo debut Rising to setting up a dynamic company that has delivered exciting work and helped expand the horizons of classical Indian dance.

The widely acclaimed dancer and choreographer was due to carry on that impressive momentum in 2020 with thrilling new show Samsara, but one of the year’s most highly anticipated tours was halted by the Covid-19 virus. So, while he may fly like a free bird onstage, the classically trained dancer has had his wings clipped by the pandemic like the rest of the world and has been stuck indoors. But it hasn’t stopped him from learning more about himself.”

We can’t expect to speak to the world about life if we have become ignorant of it or are too self-absorbed in rehearsals or emails.

Two dancers hold sand above their heads