Robert Lee

Robert began his career in visual arts as an Education Officer and Curator before becoming more performing arts focused with a strong emphasis on access and diversity. He’s produced and managed a number of performing arts events, festivals and venues; has aided the development of arts organisations, created employment opportunities, offered and received funding and has led complex Change Management strategies in both sport and arts sectors.

Robert has successfully raised funds bringing together public and private sector partnerships, promoted social cohesion, equality & diversity and health & safety. As a strategist, programmer, and manager all over the UK and sometimes abroad, he’s added to a portfolio of consultative projects that range from international Event Management to Operational, Programme and Project Management, encompassing sport as well as entertainment during the millennium celebrations. A divergent educator, Robert is keen on legacy, and has been drawn back into classrooms and lecture theatres for the training of leisure industry staff and managers including the 2012 Olympic preparations.

His love of music has underpinned his personal drive to aid the development of new artistic endeavours for those eagerly seeking out the next three minutes of magic. A key ambition of Robert’s is to continue to contribute to the process of artist development, specializing in independent artists and entertainment products.