Dmitriy Kuleshov

Digital Marketing Assistant

Dmitriy is a typical digital marketing professional with a range of skills in data management, marketing analysis, web development and all things related to digital marketing, and an untypical love for dance and art. Being at the very beginning of his professional career, Dmitriy has worked for small and medium sized companies within non-profit, IT and arts sectors in Canada, where he excelled in developing cross-channel marketing campaigns and implementing data-driven strategies to increase marketing performance across key consumer touch points. He is a recent graduate from Nottingham Business School, with an MSc in Digital Marketing, having previously obtained a BA in Professional Communications and a Diploma in Journalism. He joined Aakash Odedra Company in 2019 and is very excited to be part of the team. Dmitriy’s decision to switch continents was the boldest one he has ever made.