Shiamak London

Winter Funk

Sat 3 October – Sun 6 December

Shiamak London is back with eight weeks of face to face and online classes.

The term goes on sale from on Friday 18 September (£72); book before Monday 21 September to receive a free class as part of our early bird offer (£63).

This year sees the launch of the first ever Shiamak UK competition. Judged by international choreographers Shiamak Davar and Aakash Odedra. Receive six private, one to one mentoring sessions from our Shiamak instructors to create a one minute dance film.

Recognition will be awarded to:

Shining Star (best performance)
Excellence in technique
Most creative choreography
Best choreography for camera
Dedication to dance
Best use of visual effects
Most original costume/makeup
Most creative use of props
Best lighting design
Most attitude
Larger than life (most energy)
Audience vote award

With four overall category winners (kids, pre-teens, teens and adults) winning a free Spring term.

Entries open: Fri 18 September
Private mentoring: Sun 18 October – Sun 22 November
Broadcast & winners announced: Sat 12 December

Cost: £60


We have been working hard with some new and existing venues to get you back in the studio. Your health, and the health of our instructors is our priority. To make sure we keep everyone in our classes as safe as possible we are closely following the government and Public Health England’s guidance, and will be employing the following measures:

  • limited class sizes
  • social distancing in all venues
  • hand sanitisers in all venues
  • entrance and exit procedures to ensure your safety before and after class
  • sanitising of studios between each class
  • online opportunities for those who don’t feel comfortable returning to a studio

Current term: Shiamak Shuffle

From Sat 5 – Fri 25 September take part in our three week course of Bollywood dance classes on Zoom.  Choose from a range of dance styles to suit you from Indo-contemporary to Bolly Sass; Semi Classical to Bolly Hop. With classes tailored for children, young people and adults there is sure to be a class to suit you.

Sessions cost just £6 when signing up for the full term or £7.50 drop in classes.

Our childrens’ classes cost £5 per class when joining the full term or £7 for a drop in session. 

A unique opportunity to learn from Shiamak teachers from around the world

Sign up to the folowing Shiamak Shuffle adult classes to be taught by these guest tutors alongside Louckik, Supriya, Swapnil and Kesha.

Advanced Training Batch: Aneesha has been teaching for over 20 years as a master instructor and principal dancer. She studied ballet for six years and has undergone training at international dance institutes like the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Harbor Dance Center and Pineapple Dance Studio.

Bolly Sass: Upasana has been a part of the Shiamak dance company for over 10 years. As a student, Upasana was the National Winner of the Coca Cola Best Dancer Award. She has been dancing with Shiamak since childhood and was part of the One Year Programme.

Swag Jazz: Lester is a versatile dancer and an inspiration for all students. Part of the Shiamak group for over two decades, Lester has travelled across the world teaching students a variety of dance styles.

Bolly Hop: Anitha has been a part of the Shiamak dance company for 12 years. She has taught classes in Delhi, Pune, Kolkatta, Lucknow, Varanasi and Bangalore. Anitha has performed at the IIFA Awards, TOIFA Awards, Star Guild Awards and Zee Cine Awards.

Bollywood: Ananya has been a part of the Shiamak dance company for over 10 years. She has taught classes in Mumbai and Delhi and has performed at the IIFA Awards, Star Parivaar Awards and Zee Cine Awards.

Semi-classical: Lavina has been a part of the Shiamak dance company for six years. She is trained in bharatnatyam and kathak and has performed at IIFAAwards, Star Parivaar Awards, Zee vine Awards. Lavina was part of Shiamak’s One Year Programme.

Shiamak Style: Prashant was the winner of the dance based reality show, Dance Premier League. He specialises in Shiamak, and his strength and technique make him a delight to watch. Fondly known as Pra, he has trained at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and learnt from the finest in the field of dance. As Shiamak Davar’s dance assistant, Prashant’s technique and training reflects in his ability to pass on the joy of dance to students. He is also a faculty member of Shiamak’s One Year Programme.

Special Potential Batch: Puneet is considered to be one of India’s finest contemporary dancers, and was the winner of the dance based reality show, Dance Premier League. A highly trained and versatile dancer, he is a role model for dance enthusiasts. He is currently the Project Head for Shiamak’s One Year Dance Certification Programme and specialises in Shiamak Style.

Choose from a range of styles and levels:

Age: 8 – 12
Monday & Friday 5.30 – 6.30pm

Shiamak Style
Age 13+
Monday 7 – 8pm

Age 5-7
Tuesday & Thursday 5.15 – 6pm

Bolly Sass
Age 13+
Tuesday 7-8pm

Age: 13-19
Wednesday 5 – 6pm & Saturday3.30 – 4.30pm

Swag Jazz
Age: 13+
Thursday 7 – 8pm

Age: 13+
Friday 7 – 8pm

Advanced Training Batch
Age 13+
Saturday & Sunday 10.30 – 11.30am

Semi Classical
Age: 13+
Saturday 12 – 1pm

Bolly Hop
Age 13+
Sunday 12 – 1pm