Michalina Kaminski

Photographer: Mehek Live

Michalina Kaminski is a Polish/Ukrainian photographer and content creator based in Leicester. Her passion to capturing a moment started at a young age during her travels, inspiring her to persue a degree in Arts and Festival Management at De Montfort University. Continuing her journey of self-teaching in the photography industry, Michalina is known for her ability to play with light, adding intrigue to her images.

With a focus on both commercial and freelance work, Michalina’s photography can be seen on Turtle Bay’s social media platforms, where she supported the marketing team. Transitioning into freelance work, she collaborates with local businesses and organises private photoshoots, often shuttling between Leicester and London, where she engages with models and dancers for creative projects.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Michalina shares her travel experiences and photography on social media, attracting the attention of Olympus Passion Magazine, who invited her to contribute an article in 2023.

Michalina Kaminski remains dedicated to her craft, constantly seeking new opportunities to capture and share captivating moments through her lens.

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