Aakash Odedra 2

This year Aakash Odedra 2 will be split into two strands: a weekly studio based dance training programme, Aakash Odedra 2 and Aakash Odedra 2 National, an online course.

From October to December 2021 Aakash Odedra 2 will provide a Leicester based training programme of ten weekly classes.
Aakash Odedra 2 National is an online bi-weekly course for University dance students across the country, offering day long intensives with the company as visiting artists.

Studio based dance training

Focus on contemporary and South Asian dance styles in this ten session programme of two hour weekly classes. Develop your creative practice through a range of techniques, learn from multiple professional artists from the field of dance. Join Aakash Odedra, Aditi Mangaldas, Kesha Raithatha, Melissa Ugolini and Gizem Aksu to receive individual feedback and develop your skills and experience of the dance style most unfamiliar to you.

This programme is aimed at dancers aged 16+ at pre-professional level, you will be expected to have previous dance experience.

No audition necessary

Cost: £100 (£5 per hour)

Aakash Odedra 2 National

Our national programme will be a culmination of online and face to face workshops with midlands and north-west regional Universities. Students and recent graduates will have the opportunity to build relationships with the company, the individual artists leading the programme and develop their creative practice by learning a variety of contemporary and south Asian dance techniques.

Since the creation of Aakash Odedra 2, we have provided paid work to our company members and most recently engaged two of the dancers as company apprentices and multiple dancers for a professional music video choreographed by Aakash. Taking part in this term will enable participants to audition for Aakash Odedra 2, the pre-professional performance group.

Registered students and graduates will receive five 2-hour online practical workshops with Aakash Odedra and other world class artists who work closely with the company, and five online seminars delivered by industry professionals. Each participating university will also receive an in-person 1-day mini-intensives with Aakash during the term.

If you are interested in joining this programme, please email mae@aakashodedra.com for more information.

Aakash Odedra 2 is a pre-professional dance company featuring performers in the early stages of their careers.

If you have any questions regarding the company please email courtney@aakashodedra.com or call 0116 3190733

Images: Matt Cawrey