Samsara Is Coming To China!

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East meets West as we excitedly prepare for our upcoming tour of Samsara in China.

Visiting four wonderful cities – Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai, we are looking forward to sharing our highly reviewed production with a brand new audience. The all important dates for your diary are below;

Shanghai International Dance Center: 21st – 22nd October
Shenzhen Guangming Theatre: 28th – 29th October
Guangzhou Grand Theater: 1st – 2nd November
Huafa & CPAA Grand Theatre, Zhuhai: 4th November

Samsara, inspired by the classic Chinese novelĀ Journey to the West, traces the steps we take, both forward and backward, in search of our higher selves. Drawing on thinking and imagery at the heart of Buddhist philosophy, it explores some of the 81 obstacles and 6 states of mind that can hold us back. Epic mythological storytelling merges with personal experience and anecdote from two globally opposite perspectives, in a highly visual landscape.

Danced as a duet by Aakash Odedra and Hu Shenyuan, Samsara draws on contemporary dance, Chinese folk dance and classical Indian dance form Kathak. With both dancers sharing an understanding for their cultural histories, Samsara is an expression of cultural exchange where epic storytelling merges with personal experience from two globally opposite perspectives.

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