Aakash Odedra 2 premiere new work

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A new work created by Kesha Raithatha with the dancers of Aakash Odedra 2 over three days in November 2020.

The neurological pathways that run through our body yearning to connect with each other.

The transmission of messages goes beyond the sphere of the body. We desire to connect to the environment around us, the people around us, the sensation of the body within the physical environment around us.
Synapses connect us to the Earth, her roots, to everything we touch, smell, taste, visualise and stream through our visual cortex to all that is audible.

This network is about the connectivity of the individual and the greater individuals around us and our affinity to everything that we are in contact with that we internalise. There is an interwoven link between the world of neurones flowing within us and the world of neurones that run through the natural world around us.

We are all connected to each other, to be vulnerable enough to embrace it is a choice.


Kesha Raithatha

Anaya Vasudha Bolar
Becky Shuter
Hannah Tully
Imogen Cavell-Wells
Kallirroi Vratti
Liam Bone
Samantha McDowell

Film Production
Lee Tomes/ Orange Fox Studios

Artistic Direction
Aakash Odedra
Kesha Raithatha