Supporting Leicester’s Independent Dance Artists

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Dear Leicester Independent Dance Artists,

We understand the issues you’re currently facing and want to continue to support our local dance community. At Aakash Odedra Company, we have two small dance studios that are not in use during the pandemic. Whilst our physical, public facing classes are closed we have decided to offer, free of charge, our rehearsal rooms to freelance dance practitioners. This is limited to only one person using the studio at any time for your own training, rehearsal, practice or video/online session.

This offer will be available until further notice, we will continue to review the situation as the government guidelines are updated. Given the current situation we ask that local practitioners wishing to use the space continue to follow the government and Public Health England guidelines at all times. Should you feel unwell we request that you do not come to the studios and isolate yourself as advised.

The studios will be mopped with disinfectant first thing in the morning, and we ask that any practitioner using the space, vacuum, mop and sanitise the area at the end of their session (we have the materials here) and dispose of any litter in the bins.

We can only offer this service whilst a member of staff is able to be on site. If the situation deteriorates and we are unable to offer the space, we ask the community to respect our decision and the dynamic situation.

We can offer access Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm. Evening or weekend access may be possible but this would be subject to having a key holder available. We are limiting the offer to two hours per practitioner per week to help support as many artists as possible. If you would like to use the space, it can be booked on a first come, first serve basis through a booking form. To request this form, please email

As part of our ongoing mission to support artists we invite the dance community to tell us your needs at this time. We may be unable to help directly, but we may know someone who can, and if not, it could be a healthy discussion for the dance community to address.

Please stay safe and well

Aakash Odedra Company

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